How To Build Muscle & Burn Fat At The Same Time

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Let’s have a little chat-specifically about muscles, how to build, sculpt, and define them while losing weight and getting rid of unwanted body-fat. There’s a lot of misconceptions floating around out there so I want to give you some insight.

I’m going to lay out step-by-step all of the details of sculpting and defining muscles, how to train without getting big or bulky, and how to actually drop you body-fat, keeping it off.

Real quick, before I get into all the details I want you to understand something; from this point forward all I’m going to be talking about it are 1) strength training, 2) protein, and 3) calories—that’s it.


Some of this may sound intimidating but I promise this whole process is waaay more simple than you think. Below I’m going to go into a good amount of detail and how you can individualize everything so if you need to save this and come back to it later that’s totally fine.

Just remember it’s all about 3 things: strength training, protein, and calories.

Nutrition 101

In the world of nutrition you’ll hear every single opinion and ‘system’ out there. Some even contradict others.

“Eat 4-6 times each day” but others say, “Fast the majority of the day and eat all your calories within a small window.”

“Carbs store fat and all you need are protein and fats” while others say

“Fats store fat and all you need are protein and carbs.”

“Protein makes you big and bulky,” but everything in your body is made up of protein.

See what I mean? There are so many ‘systems’ out there so don’t get caught up in the hype and fads.

In all honesty it can get really frustrating trying to figure out what to do. I’m going to make it really simple for you.

If you want to lose fat you have to be in what’s called a calorie deficit.

That means you have to physically take in less calories than what your body burns.

There are a few ways you can do that. You can physically eat less, you can exercise more, or even a combo of them both (my personal preference).

When it comes to figuring out how many calories to eat there is no magic ‘end all be all’ formula. Everything will give you an ESTIMATE.

What you have to do is be consistent with that estimate and see how your body changes. If nothing changes then we need to tweak your numbers. If you lose some weight it’s obviously working and you don’t want to change a thing (why fix what’s not broken?). You want to wait till progress slows down or stops before you change things again.


Here’s how to figure out where to start with your calorie intake:

You’ll want to cycle your calories. It basically lets you eat more while burning fat and building muscle.
If it’s a training day you’ll want more calories to help fuel your muscles.

If it’s an off day (where you aren’t burning as much) you’ll want to eat less calories.

Here’s your formula to start with to figure out how to many calories to eat:
For higher calorie days multiply your bodyweight by 12-13.
For lower calorie days multiply your bodyweight by 10-11.

For example lets say you’re working out 3 days/week and you weigh 165lbs. Here’s what your week would look like:

Training days: 165lbs X 13 = 2145 calories
Off days: 165 X 10 = 1650 calories

Monday: Working out: 2145 calories
Tuesday: Off day: 1650 calories
Wednesday: Working out: 2145 calories
Thursday: Off day: 1650 calories
Friday: Working out: 2145 calories
Saturday: Off day: 1650 calories
Sunday: Off day: 1650 calories

This way you’re fueling and repairing your muscles with the higher calories but you’re still in a deficit on your off days to lose fat.

Now let’s talk protein. Protein is the building block of muscle (and everything else in your body for that matter), and the king of fat loss.

Protein plays a few critical roles in this process:
– Builds/maintains lean muscle
– Helps your strength and recovery
– Makes your body burn more calories every time you eat it
– Makes your feel more full

All while staying in your calorie numbers you’ll want to have right around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. That means if you weight 165lbs you’ll want to take in around 165 grams of protein that day.

If it makes you feel better I rarely run into people who are having issues losing weight and who are actually hitting their protein intake consistently. It’s also very rare that I see people who are hungry all the time who are hitting there protein intake consistently everyday.

So from the nutrition side of things it’s 2 simple rules that come out of that big explanation:
1) Total calorie intake is king (you have to be in a deficit to lose fat no matter what).
2) Protein intake – you have to nail your protein numbers to help build muscle.

That’s it. If you live by those 2 rules you’ll be on your way to loving the way you look and feel. That’s whether you eat 2 times/day or 10 times/day, early morning, late at night, clean food, or dirty. Those 2 rules are all that matters.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t suggest going out and eating nothing but fast food and chocolate bars 100% of the time, I’m a huge advocate of less processed, micronutrient dense, whole foods. But I am also a huge advocate of a flexible dieting lifestyle where you can still have your pizza, ice cream, and beer. But it’s all about what’s consistent, what’s in moderation, and staying in your numbers.


Now on to muscles and stuff!

Building & Sculpting 101

In order to get the physique you want you really need to be strength training. What good does burning off all your fat if the muscle underneath isn’t sculpted and developed?

Strength training also speeds up the fat loss process. It’s a way you can actually utilize more calories to fuel your muscles.

When you strength train all you’re doing is breaking down your muscles and stimulating them to grow and sculpt.

When you do this it makes your body go into overdrive burning a lot more calories. Instead of your calorie burning stop once the workout session is over, now your body has to go to work repairing the muscles and maintaining them once they’re there.

It also makes your strong as f*ck which is a pretty good feeling.

                                            What kind of exercises?

Good question! Any of them!

All exercises are good exercises but there are more ‘bang for your buck’ exercises.


These are what’s called compound exercises. They’re the big ones. They use multiple joints and multiple muscles:
-Leg press

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the more isolated exercises (bicep curls, shoulder flys, leg extensions, etc) but you don’t want the majority of your workout coming from them.

Now let’s talk about TRAINING SPLITS

This is where it gets fun. There are so many different training splits you can do and it honestly depends on how many days/week you’re going to be able to go to the gym. For the most benefit you want to work bigger body parts on your training splits. This way you’ll be burning the most amount of calories and sculpting the most amount of muscles. Here’s some examples:

2 days/week:
Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Lower body
Day 1: Total body
Day 2: Total body

3 days/week
Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Lower body
Day 3: Total body
Day 1: Total body
Day 2: Total body
Day 3: Total body
4 days/week
Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Lower body
Day 3: Upper body
Day 4: Lower body

Here’s a sample week long workout split that I would give to an online coaching client to help give you a clear idea on what to do:
This will be a 4 day/week split for 165lbs Sarah.

Monday: Upper body

• Dumbbell chest press
• Lat pull downs
• Dumbbell shoulder press
• Plank holds
• Barbell curl
• Tricep extensions

Total calories: 2145
165g protein

Tuesday: Lower body

• Goblet squats
• Lying hamstring curls
• Walking lunges
• Wide hack squat
• Quad extensions
• Seated calf raises

Total calories: 2145
165g protein

Wednesday: Off Relax 🙂

Total calories: 1650
165+g protein

Thursday: Upper body

• Push-ups
• Chest supported rows
• Ball crunches
• Face-pulls
• Renegade rows
• Barbell curl-press

Total calories: 2145
165g protein

Friday: Lower body

• Leg press
• Romanian deadlifts
• Box squats
• Split squats
• Seated hamstring curl
• Standing calf raises

Total calories 2145
165g protein

Saturday: Off Have a great weekend!

Total calories 1650
165+g protein

Sunday: Off Have a great weekend!

Total calories 1650
165+g protein

In this sample you’ll see a plus sign next to the grams of protein required. This just means that you’ll want to take in a little more protein on rest days. If you’re new to this just stick to 1g/pound but if you’re able to I’m a fan of having a little more protein on your off days because you’re in more of a deficit.

So there you have it, the keys to building muscle and burning fat at the same time.
– Strength train
– Plenty of protein
– Stay within your calorie numbers

That’s it!

I’ve also got my free Tactical Fat Loss Guide full of super time efficient, metabolism kicking workouts that’ll go great side by side when trying to burn fat and build muscle. It’s free and you can grab your copy HERE. Just plug in your email and I’ll shoot it right over to you.

Hope this helps, talk to you soon!

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