Why I Don’t Support ‘Jump Start’ Fat Loss Kicks

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I’m sure you’ve heard all over TV or social media about an ‘# day fix’, or ‘# day fat loss detox’, or ‘# day metabolism kickstart’……blah blah blah. Basically, its where you’re supposed to do something ridiculously specific and totally unmaintainable for 7-14 days that magically detoxes your body or jumpstarts all of your body’s fat burning ability. You’re promised to drop 5-10lbs of fat and this is all done via taking in ridiculous amounts of water, taking some specific (most likely expensive) products, eating only greens/fruits/vegetables, and/or fasting half the day.

Let me play myth-buster real quick:
• Our bodies are designed to detox themselves so it’s not necessary to go nuts on detox programs.
• The 5-10lbs of ‘fat’ that you’re promised to drop is water. Sorry, but it’s not going to be body-fat.
• You could potentially cause damage to your metabolism by inappropriately fasting and throwing your blood-glucose levels way off.
• No magic product out there is going to ‘spike/jump your metabolism’ for a random 7-14 day stretch. You’ll just lose more water weight.
• Once you’re done with your 7-14 days of hell (if you make it that long because of how rigorous these ‘plans’ are) a lot of people go right back to where they started if not in a worse place to over compensate for the ‘fun’ 7-14 day magic trip.

Now I don’t want to come across as negative or pessimistic but I do want to be real with you and I want you to be informed when it comes to the truth about this stuff.

Most of the time when these plans are based around a product or a ‘system’ it’s usually someone or some organization trying to sell something and they’re playing against our impatience, insecurities, and lack of knowledge over the subject.

Even if it’s not based around something being sold there’s still no reason to do an out of no where ‘juice reset,’ or a ‘7 day blah blah blah.’

If nothing else here’s your takeaway: NOTHING MAGICAL HAPPENS IN 7-14 DAYS.

This whole process of fitness results is a journey kind of thing. If it was all about something magical you’re supposed to do in a 1-2 week period of time everyone would be jacked and shredded but it doesn’t work like that.

There are so many ways to be successful when it comes to fitness. There’s a million systems and ways to do things that all work. But here’s the key—do what works best for your lifestyle, not what the ‘new shiny’ is. There are so many ways to manipulate fitness to fit our lives but too often we try to take our crazy and chaotic lives and make it fit into a very cookie-cutter view of fitness that’s the newest trend right now.

If you can have a second takeaway here it is: ONLY DO WHAT YOU COULD MAINTAIN OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME.

If your current ‘system’ or plan can’t be maintained for the next year you probably shouldn’t be doing it. You want to play the long game, not the short one.

That’s why most plans I design for my online coaching clients who just want to look good and feel better look semilar to this:

– 3ish day/week workouts (mostly strength based)
– Mild calorie deficit
– Planned cheat days/meals

That’s it. And my online coaching clients get results with that. Most of the time when someone first gets results they’re blown away that it’s that simple. Now I’m not saying that getting results is always easy, I don’t want to give you false expectations, but it’s not the extent of what these 7-14 day magic jumpstarts are.

Success in fitness is all about doing just a few small things right, CONSISTENTLY over TIME. Patience is the name of the game.

Here’s what I suggest:
– Find out what your calorie ranges are for your fitness goals. When losing fat, you want it be able to eat as much as possible and still lower you body-fat levels (which will require a mild calorie deficit).
– Keep your protein intake high. Have some source of protein in every meal.
– Once you have your calorie ranges and protein intake in check, fill in the rest of your calories with carbs, fats, fruits, and vegetables.
– Live by the 80/20 rule. No matter what you have to stay within your calorie ranges but even if you eat ‘dirty,’ keep it in your ranges. It doesn’t have to be perfect or ‘clean’ 100% of the time, there’s no need for that. The better quality food the better for your program but you can still splurge. 80% good clean food, 20% whatever you want.
– Make it to the gym and workout 3ish days/week. Work all of your muscles in big, complex kind of movements. If you aren’t sure what these exercise are I just wrote about them in another article HERE.
– Don’t stress. Fitness and fat loss really aren’t as horrible as people make them out to be so relax, believe you can actually do it, and now go crush it!

If you need help or are interested in having me design your plan, contact me.


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  1. Casey

    I think the best “detox” we can do for our bodies is increase water and get rid of foods that our bodies cannot process effectively.
    I do swear by Organic ACV twice daily though. The fermented fruit helps to align the probiotics found in the gut that wreck havoc on digestion and the body’s natural ability go absorb nitrients.

    Good article sir!

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  2. Michelle Beers

    I love it , Jared! I love how you take a broad topic like fitness and break it down into small truths that are helpful, guided, encouraging and simple! Just easy to grasp truth bombs… every. single. time! Thank you!

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