How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat As Soon As Possible

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat As Soon As Possible

“How do I tone up my arms?”

“How do I get rid of my ‘bat-wings’?”

“I want to tone up the insides of my legs.”

“How do I get rid of the fluff under my butt?”

You get the picture.

These are some of the most common questions people have and I’m going to show you step by step, exactly how to fix those ‘fun’ places body-fat likes to store.

It’s called spot fat reduction. It basically means you want to get rid of a specific area of fat like the back of your arms, lower stomach, inner thighs, love handles, or other specific areas you are unhappy with.

There are very specific ways to reach your weight loss goals but there’s a huge misconception that you can pick and choose where you want to target and remove the fat from. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying it’s impossible to lose fat in the exact spots you want because you can 100%. But the thing to realize is you have absolutely zero control over where it comes from first—our body decides where and in what order we lose the fat.

It’s really easy to think you can use ‘spot fat reduction’ because the fitness industry can be misleading at times. Don’t get me wrong the fitness industry is an amazing thing that’s changing so many lives but at times it can be a little misleading when marketing certain products—just be careful.

Just Because It Burns Doesn’t Mean It’s Burning Fat

Have you ever been working out and you start to feel something similar to ‘burning?’ That feeling is your muscles fatiguing and getting tired. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s actually great, but it’s not ‘fat burning’ in that particular area.

Strength training is definitely part of the fat loss process but that’s not what is physically burning the isolated area of fat.

“So then why strength train if I’m trying to lose fat?”

It makes your burn more calories all the time, 24 hours/day. I wrote an entire article on this subject Here, but this article is all about spot fat reduction.

Here’s some sample strength training workouts you can use that’ll light your metabolism on fire helping you sculpt and define your muscles while getting stronger and burning a lot of calories. These are the kind of workouts I program for my online coaching clients who want to do just that—sculpt and define their muscles while getting stronger, more confident, and burning lots of calories which ends in toning and firming up ALL those ‘fun’ fat storing spots.

– Dumbbell chest press
– Walking lunges
– Bent over rows
3 sets of 10-12 reps

– Dumbbell curl-overhead press
– Goblet squats
– Rope face-pulls

– Deadlifts
– Lat pull downs
– Renegade rows (planks w/ dumbbell row)

That’ll get you started. Just pick a weight for each exercise where you start to get tired within that rep range. Do that workout (or one similar) 3ish days/week.

Here’s one of my clients, Angela. I’ve been having her do these kind of exercises combined with sticking to her nutrition. Keep in mind this isn’t a ‘get shredded quick’ program, this is Angela 6 months apart with focusing just on calorie deficit, protein intake, and strength training. She trained her ass of and was extremely consistent with her numbers and staying within her deficit (By the way, the entire time she wanted to eat bacon every morning because bacon is amazing. She was able to do so while staying within her numbers and look what happened).


img_4644 img_4645

These pictures are about 18lbs difference and her strength went through the roof. She even went from not being able to do even assisted pull-ups to doing around 8 full strict ones.

But there’s hope–how to realistically and tangibly get rid of the fat!
The only way to remove ‘stubborn fat’ is being in a calorie deficit—eating less than what your body burns. That’s it. If someone tries to tell you otherwise keep your wallet close because they’re most likely trying to sell you something.

With ‘stubborn fat’ (any area that’s taking forever to go away) it just takes longer. There is no way to make those areas go away faster than any other area. Everyone’s body is different in terms of what order fat goes away.

So what do you do?

You do the exact same thing you do for getting rid of ANY body fat in any place–calorie deficit and time.

“But Jared, how do I know how many calories to eat each day to lose fat?”

There’s a bunch of formulas that’ll get you in the ball park but what’s really easy to do is this: I personally am a big fan of cycling your deficit. Reason being is so you can eat more food. If you’re working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday those days you should have more calories. Then on the days in between where you aren’t working out, you have less calories. Here’s how I’m going to have you figure out your deficit starting point:

• For a higher calorie day take your current bodyweight and multiply it by 12-13.
• For a lower calorie day take your current bodyweight and multiply it by 10-11.

Example: 165lb Jeff:
Workout days: M/W/F: ~1,980 calories
Off days: T/TH/S: ~1,650 calories

Example week:
Monday: High
Tuesday: Low
Wednesday: High
Thursday: Low
Friday: High
Saturday: Low
Sunday: Low

“But Jared, everything else is getting leaner except *insert ‘stubborn’ area here*!”

That’s where time and patience comes in, just give it more time and continue to be more consistent.

I know that answer isn’t sexy, exciting, or revolutionary I’m just being honest with you.

If anyone ever tries to tell you ANYTHING otherwise I would politely excuse yourself from the conversation.

I hope this brought some light to the subject for you, if you need help with anything or have questions about any of this stuff you can reach me Here—I reply to all my emails.

One thing to know also is I have a FREE fat loss guide for anyone who wants it where I have laid out specific, total body, compound workouts that’ll get your metabolism kicking and burning like crazy. Just plug in your email Here and I’ll send it right over to you.
Hope to talk to you soon!


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