Simplifying Fat Loss (Exercise Edition)

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When it comes to reducing your body fat it all comes down to calories in vs. calories out. You have got to take in less calories than what your body burns. Period.

One way you can make that work more in your favor is to increase your body’s ability to burn more calories in general. Proper strength training is one of the absolute best ways to do that. In turn you get stronger, way more defined, prevent injuries, and increase your body’s ability to burn calories 24/7, not just while you’re in the gym.

Here’s a list of my top exercises that will get you leaner way faster!

  • Deadlifts


The deadlift is one of the best exercises you could ever do, literally. If you were stranded on a island and you could only do 1 exercise for the rest of your life, deadlifts would be it. The wonderful thing about the deadlift is that it reverses the muscle imbalances we have from being front dominant and sedentary people. It takes all of the tight muscles and makes them stretch, and then all of the weak muscles and makes them stronger. All while working your entire body in a giant calorie burning, strength building exercise.
We also pick up stuff off the floor everyday and I’m sure even you have thrown your back out or hurt yourself just picking things up like a kid, groceries, lumber, couches, or whatever random stuff on the floor. It’s extremely functional.
Because of all the muscles involved you’re going to burn a shit ton of calories in doing the deadlift. You have to make sure this is in your arsenal.



Just like the deadlift, the squat is another one of your must haves for the lower body. It works literally everything from your waist on down.
Training the legs will help balance out your upper body, make you way stronger, and again you’re going to burn calories like crazy because you’re involving your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, while your low back and core are stabilizing.

Chest presses


There’s tons of variations to do these but the chest press or ‘bench press’ is great for your upper body pushing strength. It’s working your chest, shoulders, triceps, and will get you strong   while maximizing your fat/calorie burning ability.

Mid rows


The back is a very undeveloped and undertrained area on most people because we simply don’t use it as much. When getting your back stronger you’ll engage your shoulder blades and squeeze everything back. You’ll be able to pull a lot of weight being really strong, and that means you’ll be burning a shit ton of calories.

Pull-ups/lat pulls


Pulling high to low where your elbows point to your hips are going to hit your lats. They take up the majority of your back but you train them different than your upper back. But because they take up so much real estate, they’re great for fat loss.



Just like squats, they  are great for maximizing calorie burning because they’re engaging literally everything in your legs but they are very unstable. Because your stance is split it’s making your stabilizing muscles engage more as well as your core.

Overhead presses


When pressing in general (just like the chest press), it’s working all of your upper body pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps), but most of us are weak overhead. The shoulders are generally smaller comparatively and we don’t reach overhead very much in our daily lives. So we have to work harder and with how compound it is, you’re burning way more calories.

Step ups


These will get you really good. Very similar to the lunges but you’re going up. You’re isolating each leg in a big, compound kind of way. These work great for fat loss.

Every one of these exercises has a ton of variations you can use. Whether that’s changing your stance on the lower body exercises, changing the bench angles on the upper body exercises, or using only 1 limb at a time.

Thanks for reading, be sure and reach out if you have questions!


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