Why Be Hamilton Trained?


The reason I do everything I do is because I have a deep passion for helping people. I’m extremely passionate about all areas of fitness and that’s why I decided to help as many people as possible through personal training.

The most successful people out there have a personal mentor/coach that oversees what they’re doing to help them achieve their goals and that’s what my company and I are here for. Your goals and dreams are mine; I’m here to serve you.

Real people reaching and completely surpassing their goals brings me pure joy. That’s why I started Hamilton Trained. Whether my client is a grandma finally being able to get on the ground and play with her grand babies, a college athlete achieving their dreams of going pro, or just someone who wants to improve their quality of life. Your goals are my number one priority.

Everything I do with you is 100% centered around your goal. If the program we’ve designed together isn’t causing you to achieve your goals, then it becomes a waste of your time, energy, and money. I do not operate like that. Everything my company and I do is completely personalized to each of our clients goals and needs.

With the industry’s best trainers, coaching, and programs, we design everything specifically to each client. No ‘one size fits all’ junk; People aren’t hats.

Who's Jared?

Who am I?

I’m Jared, founder of Hamilton Trained. Out of all the places you could be on the internet right now you've found your way here. I’m humbled and grateful you are on my site and I thank you 🙂

If you've read the ‘Why be Hamilton trained’ tab you should know exactly why I do what I do.
I hope the experience is life-changing!

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